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Why isCar Sanitisation in Dubai A Necessity?

The pandemic created in us a need to maintain proper hygiene and sanitisation at all times. As people continue to travel and use personal vehicles, it is critical to ensure that all surfaces are properly disinfected and sanitised to prevent viruses from spreading.

At Dynatrade, we offer comprehensive car sanitisation services for individuals looking to keep their vehicles clean and safe. Our team of trained professionals uses industry-grade cleaning agents, disinfectants, and fumigants and follow strict protocols to ensure that all surfaces of your car, including the steering wheel, seats, door handles, and more, are thoroughly sanitised.
In addition to our standard car sanitisation services, we also offer specialised services for businesses looking to protect their employees and customers. This includes sanitising company vehicles such as buses and shuttles, as well as providing disinfectant sprayers and wipes for use in company vehicles.

Our Process

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What does
Car Sanitisation
do for your Car?

Improves the air quality in your vehicle

Getting sanitation service done for your car can improve air quality and circulation.

Removes dangerous contaminants

A full car sanitation service removes impurities and dangerous contaminants.

Removes mold and odours

Timely care and sanitisation can eliminate the build-up of mold and odours.


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We are proud to be the region’s only car service network
with 10K+ 5-Star Google reviews.

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