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Having trouble navigating your vehicle with ease and precision due to hindrances in the steering? Hearing unsettling noises emanating from your car’s steering wheel? Ignoring issues with your car’s steering isn’t ideal since it is the basic control system of your car.

We at Dynatrade’s car steering repair shop recognise the value of keeping your vehicle’s steering system in good working order. In addition to repairing loose or stiff steering, changing worn-out steering parts, and aligning the steering system, we provide a wide range of car steering wheel repair services.
In order to handle any car steering wheel repairs you might require, such as servicing and repairing the steering column, rack and pinion, or power steering pump, our mechanics have the ideal combination of skills, complemented by our precise diagnostic tools. Regular steering servicing will ensure that it is always in top condition and working flawlessly.
Do not let a faulty steering system put a dent in your road trip plans. We will restore the impeccable functionality of your car’s steering system in no time.

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Why Is Timely
Car Steering Service
Good For Your Car?

Improved safety for your drives

Keeping the steering in the best health possible ensures you have a smooth and safe drive.

Enhanced performance makes it easier to navigate tight turns

Timely steering repair can make sure your car is ready for any tight turns and tough terrains.

Prolonged lifespan of the components

Proper care and maintenance of your steering can ensure the long life of your car.


The largest non-agency workshop with a capacity of 700+ cars daily

Timely services, just a WhatsApp message away

UAE’s only Multibrand Car Service network with 10K+ 5-Star Google Reviews

Prepaid packages offered with up to 50% savings on car servicing

A wide network of ESMA-certified service centres across the UAE

A safe and secure service, with 100% genuine parts guaranteed

Repair Warranty provided with all jobs carried out

Mobile services and pick-up and drop services available


We are proud to be the region’s only car service network
with 10K+ 5-Star Google reviews.

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