Dynatrade Repair Policy

Motor insurance in the UAE is classified as follows:

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage is also referred to as “Full Insurance.”
  • Third-party insurance coverage is mandatory for using vehicles on UAE roads.

Further to that, comprehensive insurance coverage can be divided into the following categories:

  • Agency repairing: Vehicles will be repaired in dealer workshops. Mostly, this cover will be available only for one year from the registration date and rarely gets extended.
  • Dynatrade repairing: This condition will be specifically mentioned in the motor policy, which states that in the event of an accident, the vehicle will be repaired at Dynatrade. In this type of policy, the cost is slightly higher than the market rates, and only Dynatrade name will appear; no other garage’s name will appear on the service provider list.
  • Garage repairs or at the insurance company’s choice of workshop: In this case, the insurance company can repair the vehicle according to their choice, irrespective of the customer’s wishes.
How is Dynatrade Repair Policy Established in the Market?

After the first year of the policy period, insurance companies rarely provide agency repair policies, and if they do, they will be costly. If the vehicle is involved in an accident that does not meet agency repair conditions, it will most likely be sent to the garage with the lowest quote. This increases the likelihood of faulty repairs, endangering the vehicles’ safety, functionality, and shape.

As a customer-oriented organization, we realized this issue and equipped our workshops to carry out accident repairs even better than any of the agency workshops. All the leading insurance companies in the UAE, as well as customers, warmly accepted us and promoted us through Dynatrade Repair Policies. Even many of the brand-new vehicles are insured with Dynatrade repairs instead of agency repairs. Despite the fact that none of our competitors can match the status we have achieved, we are extremely proud of this achievement.

How is the Dynatrade Repair Policy Different from Others?

To understand that, one is required to go back more than three decades. At that time, after the agency workshop, all others were normal, traditional workshops, and they were using very old conventional repair methods. They were unable to cope with the fast-growing evolution of modern vehicle technologies and address those vehicle issues. Lacking equipment and technology, fixing the vehicles in these places was a risky choice. As a result, repaired vehicles did not meet the required parameters. In the meantime, repairs in agency workshops were not affordable for common people.

We recognized this situation as a traditional automotive group and opened our first workshop in Sharjah, which has facilities comparable to or greater than those of an agency workshop. Furthermore, we have a training centre to improve the skill level of our technicians, even though it was rare in agency workshops at that time. Thereafter, we started branches in Abu Dhabi, then Dubai, and many other places afterward. Insurance companies and individual customers in the UAE heartily welcomed us and supported us in achieving this milestone.

While establishing our first workshop, a well-equipped modern collision repair facility was also established as part of it, focusing on the most important aspect of the modern vehicle — safety, as well as functionality, appearance, and NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) during the accident repair to restore the vehicle to its original pre-accident condition.

It was a new experience for the insurance companies as well as customers because they were getting the same or better service and facilities as an agency workshop but at much lower prices. In the beginning itself, we self-declared that we would not use counterfeit parts in order to save money, which would ultimately jeopardize user safety.

We can say that we are the pioneers in the UAE for an alternative to agency workshops and safety-based collision repairing which allows zero tolerance for the safety of the vehicles. Actually, we are rebuilding accident vehicles instead of just repairing them.

Since the inception of Dynatrade Auto Service, we have performed millions of accident repairs, demonstrating our credibility in the market. Throughout our extensive experience, we have witnessed the evolution of both the vehicles’ safety and functional features, which makes us capable of handling various kinds of accidents for any kind of vehicle, from the post-modern to the ultra-modern, whatever it is.

What are the Safety Features of the Vehicle and its Relation to Accident Repairs?

Modern vehicles have inherent safety features. The following are those features:

  • Active Safety: To avoid an accident. For example, Brakes, Indicators, Reflectors, Radars, etc.
  • Passive Safety: To protect occupants in case an accident occurred. For example, Seat Belts, Airbags, Crumple Zones, Safety Cages, etc.

  • Pre-accident Safety: This safety system is mostly provided for high-end vehicles, which will alert the driver if an accident is imminent.

There is a greater chance that these safety features will be damaged during an accident, and if this is not addressed to reinstall these safety features during the repair time, using these vehicles will be dangerous.

Crumple Zones and Safety Cages of Vehicles
As part of passive safety, modern vehicles have crumple zones and safety cages. A crumple zone is provided to absorb the maximum impact energy, and that is getting deformed, whereas the safety cage is surrounded by the passengers’ sitting area and resists the maximum deformation during an accident. This arrangement will help protect the occupant from an accident.
Crumple zones and safety cages, unlike passive safety features such as airbags and seat belts, are integrated into the vehicle body and are not visible. As a result, assessing damages in these areas necessitates the use of trained and skilled VDA (vehicle damage assessors). Also required are highly trained and skilled manpower and equipment to fix the damages in these areas.
How Does Dynatade Reinstall the Vehicle’s Safety Features as Well as Other Functional Features?

An accident mostly affects the following features of the vehicle depending upon the gravity of the accident.

    • Shape of the vehicle
    • Cosmetic finish of the vehicle
    • Safety features
    • Functionality of all the features

    • NVH – Noise, Vibration, and Harness

As a result, when repairing an accident vehicle, all of the above factors must be considered, otherwise, the vehicle will be restored only to its previous state in appearance and the remaining features will be unattended, resulting in a compromised repair. These vehicles will function as before, and they will not provide the intended safety to protect occupants.

Checking the Functionality of the Passive Safety of the Repaired Vehicles

A very important factor is that after the accident repairs, there is no way to recheck the passive safety unless you conduct a crash test, just like the manufacturers do. However, this is neither practical nor feasible because a crash-tested vehicle would be a total loss. The only way to ensure that the safety features are reinstalled exactly as they were before the accident is to follow the manufacturer’s repair method and use genuine parts and materials for the repair process.

Dynatrade is making this possible by using the following:

  • Experienced and trained VDA (vehicle damage assessor)
  • Genuine parts
  • Manufacturer recommended repairing methods
  • Trained and skilled manpower
  • Modern body repairing equipment and tools
  • High-quality paint and consumables, etc.
  • Applying NVH-related features during the repair
What does the term “pre-accident condition” of the vehicle mean?

Each vehicle model has its own unique characteristics in terms of safety, functionality, and appearance. During the repair of the vehicle, all these factors must be addressed, otherwise, the vehicle will be in pre-accident condition only in appearance but its safety and functionality will not be the same as before.

Is the Dynatrade Policy expensive?

Yes. Dynatrade’s repair policy is slightly more expensive than standard garage repairs, but the cost is negligible when weighed against the benefit. Because an improper repair may cause more damage to your vehicle than an accident, using such a vehicle puts the user at risk for safety, poor performance, and financial losses.

How to get Dynatrade Repair policies?

The majority of the UAE’s leading insurance companies are issuing DT repair policies on demand. To avoid having the vehicle sent to other workshops, it is important to make sure that the insurance company specifies “Dynatrade Repairs” rather than appearing as one of their listed workshops in the policy note.

The following insurance companies are providing DT Repair policies with the best rates:

  • New India Assurance Company
  • RAK
  • Qatar Ins. Co.
How to repair in Dynatrade if the policy does not include a Dynatrade repair condition or only third-party coverage?

First, the customer has to collect the estimate from Dynatrade after paying a nominal estimation charge that will be adjusted or refunded when the vehicle is repaired at Dynatrade. Thereafter, the customer should approach Ins. Co., submit the estimate and request the cash settlement. Once settled with Ins. Co., the customer can repair the vehicle at Dynatrade on a cash basis. Customers may be required to pay the difference between the Dynatrade agreed amount and the insurance company’s approved amount if the insurance company’s approved amount is less than the Dynatrade final amount. However, the value of the job clearly outweighs any additional costs.

Advantages of DT Repair Policies
  • DT repair policyholders will get an additional discount on mechanical repairs and service contracts.
  • Our affiliated insurance companies are providing a discounted rate for DT repairs.
  • DT workshops are available across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Alain.
  • All the workshops are fully equipped to handle any kind of damage, from cosmetic to structural, and there is ample parking space to safely keep the vehicles.
  • All the locations are convenient to reach.
  • Hassle-free service.
  • Vehicles will be exactly as they were prior to the accident, which includes their safety, shape, finish, and NVH. If the NVH is not corrected during the repair process, the vehicle will not be as smooth as before the accident for the remainder of its life cycle.
  • Protection from compromised repairs: Even with the fixed rate agreement with Ins. Cos, Dynatrade will not compromise on the safety and quality of the repairs. As a result, customers can rest assured that their vehicles will be properly repaired at Dynatarade if they choose to repair with us.
  • Better resale value: Poorly repaired vehicles will not get a good resale value and will cause a huge loss while being sold. Vehicles that have been properly repaired, on the other hand, will have a high resale value.