What to do in the event of an accident

Despite the fact that you are a careful driver, there may be an unfortunate instance of an accident. Accidents when they occur can shake you and the other occupants of your vehicle emotionally even-though there may not be any physical injury.

  • Take control of yourself and your family / co-passengers
  • Ensure safety of your family / co-passengers.
  • Call the Police at 999
  • Collect the following information from the other motorist :
    • Driver’s Name & Address
    • Telephone Nos.
    • Name of Insurance Co. and Branch
    • Vehicle brand and model
    • Vehicle Regn No.
    • Vehicle colour
    • Damage details
  • Obtain an Accident Report from the Police
  • Bring your vehicle to Dynatrade
  • Provide us with a copy of the following
    • Police Report
    • Driving Licence
    • Mulkhiya (Registration Card)
    • Insurance Policy (or state clearly the name and Branch of the Insurance Co. where your vehicle is insured)
  • Register a Claim with your Insurance Co. Carry with you the following for registering your claim.
    • Original Police Report
    • Copy of Driving Licence
    • Copy of Mulkhiya (Registration Card)
    • Copy of Insurance Policy
  • Our staff would evaluate the vehicle and send an estimate for cost of repairing your vehicle to your Insurance Co. directly.
  • The Insurance Co will depute a Surveyor to inspect your vehicle and negotiate the cost of repairs on the basis of the estimate sent by Dynatrade.
  • Dynatrade would normally start repairs only on receipt of a written authorization from the Insurance Co.
  • Normally the Insurance Co. will issue an LPO to Dynatrade for the repair of your vehicle. However to ensure smooth progress of the repairs and final delivery of the vehicle to you, please follow-up and confirm with the Insurance Co. that the LPO or Release Letter has been issued to Dynatrade.
    • Dynatrade would carry out repairs and replacement of parts as approved by the Insurance Co. only.
    • Dynatrade will not be liable for the repair or replacement of spare parts that are not approved by the Insurance Co.
    • Vehicles may not be released without an LPO or Release letter from the Insurance Co.
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